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3.3*118 M Wet Process Rotary Kiln

3.3*118 M Wet Process Rotary Kiln

Wet rotary kiln

one. Cylinder and kiln lining: Cylinder, rolled by steel plate, is the container for the completion of physical and chemical changes. So it is the human body of rotary kiln. Kiln substance temperature is up to 1450ºC, so cylinder entire body has masonry refractory materials to safeguard cylinder and decrease warmth dissipation. In accordance to the procedure of material change, cylinder is divided into various operating zones, this sort of as drying zone, preheating zone, decomposition zone, firing zone and cooling zone.
two. Warmth exchanger: To enhance the influence of warmth transfer, the cylinder body often also has a range of sorts of chain to make up warmth trade gadgets.
3. Wheel belt: cylinder, kiln lining, substance and all rotary kiln bodyweight will come to support device by means of wheel belt.
4. Assistance gadget: It consist a pair of roller bearings and a massive foundation plate. A pair of roller supports a wheel belt to enable cylinder to go freely and express huge load to the simple. Support system has usually 2-seven blocks. It is outfitted with retainer wheel on a specified block or a number of blocks, which is known as assist gadget with retainer wheel. Its part is to restrict or management the rotary kiln section of axial motion.
5. Push system: gear ring is equipped in the middle cylinder and fastened in the cylinder by spring plate. It drives by way of equipment wheel to make cylinder rotate. At the same time, in buy to adapt to operation and servicing requirements, huge rotary kiln is geared up with auxiliary travel to make kiln drive with a very reduced pace.
six. Kiln hood: it is intermediate which connects kiln head and center process tools and it is the zone for searching at the procedure of fire. Therefore kiln hood is equipped with fire hole and entry door.
seven. Burner: Rotary burner injects by way of cylinder rotary head and heat material by frame radiation to the wanted temperature. Burner consist coal burner, gun oil, gasoline nozzle and so on.
8. Chilly smoke chamber: it is intermediate of connecting kiln end and materials feeding gear. Smoke arrives into smoke flue and dust accumulating system by way of cool smoke chamber. Feed content right to kiln finish from feeding system.
nine. Feeding unit: it is accent equipment for rotary kiln. Feeding should be stable, uniform and easy to handle so that it can cooperate with the procedure of kiln.

Specification (m) Φ×78 Φ3×88 Φ3×100 Φ3.3×118 Φ3.3×125 Φ3.5×145
Potential(ton/day) 240 384 300 400 four hundred 700
Slope of the kiln shell (%) three.five 3.5 four 3.five three.5 3.5
No. of Supports four five five six 6 six
Type of thrust roller      


Rotating speed of kiln Primary Driving (r/min) .5-1.five -1.74 -1.seventy four -one.45 -one.forty five -one.38
Auxiliary driving (r/min) two.85 three.24 3.26 3.26 three.26 2.six
Major driving CZPT motor Model ZSN-280-11 YSP315M-6 ZSN4-280-091B ZSN4-315-071 ZSN4-315-091 ZSN4-250-21B
Rated Power (kw) 90 ninety a hundred and ten a hundred twenty five 160 90×2
Speed regulation selection(r/min) 20-170 one thousand 1000 -750 750 one thousand
Rated voltage(V) 440 380 440 440 440 440
Reducer Product ZSY500-63 YSY1110-711 ZSY560-Specific ZSY630-LongSpecial ZSY630-LongSpecial Zsy165-three-I/II Specific
Total Ratio 64.327 seventy one 71 eighty eighty sixty four.3
Auxiliary driving CZPT motor Design Y160L-six Y160L-6 Y160L-6 Y180L-six Y180L-6 Y160M-6
Rated Electricity (kw) 11 11 eleven fifteen fifteen 7.5×2
Speed regulation range(r/min) 970 970 970 970 960 960
Rated voltage(V) 380 380 380 440 380 380
Reducer Design ZL50 ZL50-fourteen-II ZL50-14 Specific ZL60-14LongSeries ZL60-14LongSeries ZL42.five-fourteen Particular
Total Ratio 64.327 31.16 31.sixteen 31.16 31.16 thirty.fifty three
(ton)Overall bodyweight (excluding refractory brick) 370 390 530 840 818 916


3.3*118 M Wet Process Rotary Kiln

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