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Leather Tanning Auxiliaries Sodium Lignosulphonate

Leather Tanning Auxiliaries Sodium Lignosulphonate

Leather-based THangCZPT Auxiliaries Sodium Lignosulphonate

Solution Description

Trade Identify: sodium lignosulfonate
Chemical Title: Lignosulfonic acid, sodium salt
CAS.No.: 8061-51-6
EINECS.No.: 23-twenty five-059
In direction of: Concrete, feed, fertilizer, pesticide, leather-based business and so on.
Dosage: In the concrete, the dosage is .two to .3%, advised dosage is .twenty five%.

Chemical Expression

Sodium Lignosulfonate is an anionic surfactant. Two of pulp and sulfur chloride answer and sulfite reaction merchandise of pulp generation is a by-solution, usually four-hydroxy-3-trimethoxybenzaldehyde of polymers. The common quality of lower molecular fat sulfonates, mostly for straight-chain, the answer associating together Polymer Lignosulfonate department chain primarily in aqueous polymerization proven — referred to the act. The absence of lignin sulfonate extensively used in animal feed grain, refined lignin sulfonate for oil drilling mud dispersant Flotation agent, slime, dyes, pesticides dispersant The weighty metals, especially iron, copper, tin ions better chelating potential to be an effective the chelating agent.

Sodium lignosulphonate
Appearance Claybank Powder
Lignin content 45-60 %
PH Worth nine-10
Minimizing Substance ≤4%
Dampness ≤2.97%
H2o Insolubles ≤3.01%
Air content material ≤3.5%
H2o-lowering charge 9%

Packing and shipping

1.Packing: twenty five/bag or 500kg/bag (In addition, the organization can customise packages and merchandise of other technical specs according to the needs of consumers.)

2.Delivery: inside of 7 days following receiving your payment


1. Concrete: Can be used as a water reducer, air-entrained agent, retarder, pumping agent, early energy agent. it can increase the workability of the concrete, and boost project good quality. It can inhibit slump decline when used in summer.
two. Cement: Can be employed as a grinding assist. soon after adding cement grinding assist,it can lessen cement clinker by 6-10% and improve the volume of mixing materials by six-10%.
3. Feed: Can be utilized an adhesive for feed granulation. it improves the palatability of livestock and poultry,decreases the micro-powder quantity of feeds, and lowers the expense. the generation capability is enhanced by 10 to 20 %.
4. Fertilizer: It improve granulation price, lessen the time, improve the toughness of granulation,  make the granulation have excellent surface finish, boost the result of fertilizer and increase the production ability.
5. Pesticide: It can be utilized as a filling agent, dispersant and suspending agent, greatly improve the wettable powder suspension fee and wettability.
6. Ceramic/Refractory: Dispersant and adhesive, it enhances the rate of finished goods by 70 to ninety %, minimizes the sintering pace to forty minutes from 70 minutes, and has very good outcomes such as h2o reduction, reinforcement, cracking avoidance and so on.
seven. Printing and Dye: Be utilised as a filler and a dispersant for vat dyes and disperse dyes. It can make the coloring high, and make the color uniform, it can also shorten the time of the dye mill.
eight. Leather-based: Can be utilised as a tHangCZPT auxiliary, enhance the flex resistance of the leather.

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Leather Tanning Auxiliaries Sodium Lignosulphonate

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